Sunday, December 24, 2006

My new Treo680

My new Treo680 arrived last week.
I decided to wait for the right time to perform my upgrade and ensure I am doing it right.
I charged my Treo as instructed (till light turns solid green) and then simply plugged it in to synchronize with my existing data from my 650.

Synchronizing looked like it was off to a good start and then it froze or seemed to be stuck at MBIn- MRIndex which is an element of Avantgo.

I therefore decided to eliminate Avantgo and try again. I stopped the process. I Hard reset the 680 and chose to erase all data. I then deleted the Avantgo components from the appropriate directories in my PC's Treo sub directories and re synchronized.

All went surprisingly very well. Even Versamail synchronized and all the mail from the old device got copied over. The new Treo 680 seems to have gotten all my information, bookmarks, speedials, email etc. and I am off to a good start.

The manual states to charge till the green light is solid and this is what I did.

It was night time and I left my Treo on all night as I always do, in case I get phone calls. The only active component of my Treo is my Versamail, it is set to check mail every 5 minutes, even my Bluetooth was off.
I woke up in the morning to notice I was already on low battery and was rather surprised, it was already in the red and this is a brand new device which I followed the instructions to the T.

How could it have a worse battery than the 650????

I charged it again in the morning but this time I started paying attention to the battery in more detail. I noticed that the green light turns on and if I press on the battery indicator ( which shows a full battery with a charging icon on it ) it says Charging 100%. but yet if I unplug the charger from charging and then press on the battery it says anywhere from 95% to 98% but not full or 100%. I then spent the day using it and noticed I was at 40% in 6 hours. This is totally unusable and I put in a ticket to palm.
In the mean time I am charging it more carefully and trying to get to 100%. This morning I managed to get to 99%.

Other first impressions;
The Treo 680 is indeed thinner and smaller and the lack of the antenna helps a lot in having it in my shirt pocket. The bulkiness is really reduced.

Once again they changed the position of the menu key, why do they keep doing this? Are the people who design this device not using it? This time the menu key was replace with an on/off key so inadvertently whenever I try to copy and paste or other menu function I keep turning off the device. This is extremely annoying.

The new front screen is totally different and is taking a lot getting used to.

Dialing from the call log, which is something I do a lot seems now to be a two press process instead of one.
The phone so far only rebooted on me once, I can not attribute it to anything specific, maybe it was my usage, I was on the phone with my ear piece and cleaning up my email at the same time.
The SMS send functionality is different and is totally inconsistent with the previous version or with making sense.
I am used to typing in a persons' name and the treo looks it up while I type it, bringing up only numbers categorized as Mobile. It seems to be bringing up other numbers as well. On entries that have more than one molible number it inconsistently doesn't seem to show all of them. I am trying to understand how it is working and maybe I will come up with a solution.

What are your experiences with the new Treo680?


BJJ said...


Most of your comments are exactly my experience.
I do not understand why you are surprised by the Battery life issue. The Battery is half the thickness of the 650's!! Hence thinner and lighter. I solved the battery life issue with an extra battery!!! I am waiting for Seido to come out with a higher capacity battery as they did for the 650.

We have to be thankful that besides the Stylus which is different than the 650 all other sccesories are same as 650 and not like the upgrade from the 270 and 600 where we had to buy a new full set of chargers adapters etc.!!!

I am most upset that they changed the buttons and functions. They are not better or worse just different.
I am however not happy with the favorites as on the 650 you have 2 columns i.e. more per screen whilst on the 680 just 1 columns.

It also has taken me awhile to learn how to hang up calls no longer available on the screen and if you want to make a one click call you need to identify on the screen and then use the green dial button. It looks as if they are trying to copy the buttons typical on a regular mobile fun i.e. the green is the send button whilst the red is the disconnect and off button.

Someone has teach Treo the saying if it works don't fix it or to get their techies to use there own phone.


effy hochstein said...

I agree with all your points.

I am still making an effort to stick by the 680 as I find it much more stable than the 650 abd much more comfortable to use.

until the third party 1800ma battery is out i have employed the shortest timeouts on screen staying on, i have turned off time and date updates and beam off as well.


Anonymous said...

I just spoke to Palm support and they admit there is a battery problem with new treo 680s.

However, I don't think they understand the problem! They say that there will be new batteries shortly.

I have just installed BatteryGraph and this seems to indicate that there is a firmware problem based on the following analysis.

Immediately after a full charge, BatteryGraph shows full percentage charge ans well as full mv scale - 3960mv. With no use, the percentage drops off precipitously - within 24 hours down to under 20%! This is similar to what the battery icon shows.

However, the BatteryGraph MV reading is still at 3740mv! This is in the expected range.

With the icon reading governing low battery warnings, etc. everyone thinks they have a battery problem but the real problem is that the firmware isn't calculating usage right from the mv reading!

Please try this and report your results!

If you have any ideas on how to spread the word about this test and/or a way to get this information to the right people at Palm, please do so.

Since the recharging circuit may also be based off the icon (percentage) value, this problem probably leads to overcharging, too!